Brief history:

Chef Lisa began her culinary journey by first of all being a mother of 2 at a young age.

She then attended a Michio Kushi Institute of Shiatzu and Macrobiotic cooking in Kiental Switzerland. This was the foundation for Health and Healing through food.

After meeting her French Husband 26 years ago, together they altered the Flavors and textures of the "Healthy" foods with herbs, spices to create dishes that are not only "Nutritious", but absolutely "Delicious"!

YES, you can have your cake and eat it too!


Bean Me Up moved across town to a premises that consisted of a 16 room guest house, boutique, stage and room for 120 seat restaurant. A lot of talent performed on that stage! Lisa and her staff of 22, became well known to locals and travelers from around the world.

She became a permanent member of the Vegetarian Society local chapter and from there was a speaker for the "World Vegetarian Congress".



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Realizing that there was a lack of eateries offering great tasting food that was healthy, Lisa decided to open a small sandwich shop to coincide with the Soy factory they were already running. The production consisted of Tofu, Tempeh and Soymilk., so they could inform and instruct people how to cook with these items. (This was before GMO crops). Due to the fact that they were alone making these products in the region, Lisa Camps is mentioned in the "Book of Soy in South Asia", which can be viewed online.

​The sandwich shop (original Bean Me Up), became the talk of the town and was soon too small to accomodate the crowds.

Our Company

 All of these events happened in South Asia, on a travelers trail called Goa where they lived for approximatley 30 years. Throughout that time, they traveled to my parts of the world and learned about other cultures such as traditions, languages, arts and Lisa's favorite.....recipies!

So, 30 years on, here we are in America the birth place of Chef Lisa, offering up delicious and wholesome cuisine to cater for all your needs!

"Out of this World" class cuisine brought to you FRESH, by Chef Lisa Camps, world traveler and former owner of "Bean Me Up, Soy Station, Salad Bar Restaurant of 17 years.

An Internationally known Boutique Eatery for wholesome, healthy and always delicious specialties from around the globe as well as the U.S.A.

Giving Importance to feeding the mind, body and soul with the best ingredients, freshest produce and most with Love!

Never compromising on Flavor, makes Bean Me Up the "Tasty Alternative".


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